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Wild Waters: Wet Environments [DVD]  

Wild Waters: Wet Environments [DVD]

An environment is a collection of all living things in a specific area of land or water. Examples of environments are wetlands, deserts, grasslands, forests, and oceans.

Glacier Global warming has resulted in the world's glaciers breaking away and melting at a rate that cannot be replenished. We travel the world with glaciologists and students working on solutions to minimize the devastating effects of glacial melting.

Rivers The world's lakes and flowing rivers constitute only one percent of the Earth's water. Rivers provide drinking water, agricultural sustenance and transport. Population pressures are putting all major waterways under stress. Means of protection of these waterways is critical.

Ocean This extraordinarily complex environment affects vast populations of mammal, bird and marine life that inhabit it. Oxygen producing plankton, coral reefs and great kelp forests are dependent on it. Even seemingly disconnected things such as weather conditions, transport, and recreation are all reliant on conditions only made possible by these great bodies of water.

Ice The bulk of the earth's fresh water is locked away in polar ice caps. And 90 percent of the world's ice can be found in Antarctica. Glaciologists and research teams are working to better understand the effect CO2 emissions are having on the planet's decreasing ice supplies.
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