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The Birth of Impressionism [DVD]  

The Birth of Impressionism [DVD]

PALETTES: a series of films devoted to great works in painting history. Thanks to recent developments in video animation technique, secrets of these images are revealed like thrilling adventures of discovery.
A naked woman lying on a bed. A subject pertinent to paining history for the longest time. Yet, the Olympia created quite a scandal at the salon exhibition of 1865. This indecent woman staring back at the viewer defined the rules of classicism. Manet, already renowned because of his Dejeuner sur l'Herbe, which he had presented two years earlier at the "Salon des Refuses", became the hero of a younger generation that would go on to invent impressionism.
A dance for the common people in the mills of mantmartre. A festival Sunday crowd during the summer of 1876. It was all Renoir needed to transform his paintings into a manifesto of a new movement. The Bal du Moulin sw la Galette, first shown at the third Impressionist exhibition, was one of the few canvases to escape the mockery with which the painters of this new school were received.
In 1865, Claude Monet does his first paintings of the Japanese bridge that he has had constructed over a small pond dotted with water lilies. He returns to his subject a dozen times before his death in 1926. Monet works on several paintings simultaneously , intent on capturing every minor differentiation in the light falling on the bridge, the water the leaves and the flowers. He subsequently exhibits the paintings together: it is from these that the modern concept of a series originates

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