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The Battle of TOWTON 1461 Historical DVD [DVD]  

The Battle of TOWTON 1461 Historical DVD [DVD]

It was snowing on Palm Sunday, 1461.
The Wars of the Roses had been rumbling on for years - and now, on Towton Fields near Tadcaster in North Yorkshire, they were going to settle it - the hard way.
On one side the Lancastrians, on the other the Yorkists.
But it wasnt county against county, it was more north against south.
Cousin against cousin.
Yorkshire soil would see a Kingship change hands, altering the course of English history - and up to 28,000 soldiers would die in slaughter from dawn to dusk.

Terry Deary - the hugely successful author of history books for children - traces the remarkable story of the Battle of Towton, hearing from historians, enthusiasts and experts. Theyll show us the skeletal remains of soldiers who died in the battle - and the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds demonstrate the kind of weapons theyd have used. And theres spectacular helicopter footage of the battlefield where, even today, objects from that March day in 1461 are still being discovered.

Its a fascinating journey back five hundred and fifty years. To the Yorkshire fields where Englishmen killed Englishmen, in the biggest, bloodiest battle the countrys ever seen - The Butchers Yard of Towton.
Based on the BBC Yorkshire & Lincolnshire Documentary
A History of the World: Towton 1461 in association with Towton Battlefield Society
TPL 85 minutes

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