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Tai Chi. El Abanico  

Tai Chi. El Abanico

Once again, Master Pedro Rico, Sifu by the International Choy Li Fut and Tai Chi Chuan Federation and direct disciple of Grand Master Doc Fai Wong, delights us with a new work concerning the techniques of traditional Tai Chi Chuan. In this video, he shows us step by step the traditional Tai Chi Chuan fan form of the Yang family, one of the most attractive and appreciated parts of Tai Chi study that a student can find given that the fan, a short, light weapon, produces the sensation of being a little extension of our arm, bringing on a great sense of relaxation as well. The fan techniques, very diverse and extraordinarily efficient, are of the DIN-MAK type, a Chinese term used to describe internal methods that strike vital zones related to the meridians that run through our bodies. This video also includes two internal forms of Chi Kung, "The 18 Buddhas stretch their tendons" and "The eight golden brocades".

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