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Subway Series - The Golden Era [DVD]  

Subway Series - The Golden Era [DVD]

It was that 3 run homer in the National League's playoff in 1951, between the Brooklyn Dodgers- "Dem Bums" and the New York Giants, by Bobby Thomson dubbed "The Shot Heard 'Round The World" and mow known as one of the the signature moments in Baseball history and truly established the Subway Series.
There have been fourteen Subway Series between New York baseball teams including the Golden Era, from 1947-1957.
The decade between 1947 and 1957. during that time there were seven "Subway Series" between New York's three powerful baseball teams, the Yankees, Yankees played each other in the World Series six times - 1947, '49, '52, '53,'55 and '56 and the New Dodgers and Giants. During that era the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York York Giants played the Yankees in 1951, with the Yankees winning all but the 1955 Series.

This feature-length documentary highlights the memorable moments from 1947-1957 New York's Golden Era of Subway Series in which a New York team played in every World Series and sadly, for New York baseball fans an era never likely to be repeated!

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