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St. Patrick: Apostle Of Ireland [DVD]  

St. Patrick: Apostle Of Ireland [DVD]

Who was Saint Patrick? This new documentary film delves beneath the myth of Ireland's patron saint to reveal that the patron saint of Ireland was an ordinary man who accomplished the extraordinary by placing his faith in God. Precious few historical facts are known of this man who walked through pre-Christian 5th century Ireland. Two documents written by Patrick, the Confession and his Letter to Coroticus, an Irish warlord, are all that remain. Yet these brief writings captured his emotional state, his innermost feelings and aspirations.
Patrick's actual confessions are read in voice-over, and evocative music further carries viewers back in time to re-live the experience of walking side by side with Patrick.
From his birth to his death, viewers are able to witness Patrick's physical struggles and to participate fully in his transformation and spiritual mission. St. Patrick was born in Roman Britain during the last days of the Roman Empire, at a time when order and authority had fallen into disarray and Britain's west coast lay vulnerable to frequent plundering raids by the pagan Irish. At 14 years of age, Patrick was taken captive by pirates and sold into slavery in Ireland. He spent the next six years enslaved and immersed in the pre-Christian Druid culture of the Celtic people - the same people he one day returned to convert. When he returned as a bishop to lead the Irish faithful, he chose instead to bring Christianity to those Irish not yet converted, and he did so without bloodshed, over a span of four decades. Considering the fact that the Irish to whom he sought to bring the gospel were a barbaric, warlike people who still practiced slave trading and human sacrifice, Patrick was without doubt a man of great strength of character, physical toughness, and bravery. As a result of his life and work, there emerged a uniquely Celtic form of Christianity, a religion firmly Christian in belief yet not far removed from the ancient traditions of the Irish people.
Structured in three parts to correspond to three phases of St. Patrick's life, Saint Patrick Apostle of Ireland, a production of Insight Film & Video Productions of Canada, was directed by David Tennant. In addition to Patrick's own words, the film features on-camera interviews with two noted experts on Irish history, Father Frank Fahey of Ballintubber Abbey, and Michael Slavin, author of The Book of Tara. The film stars Nicholas McCarthy as Saint Patrick.

"Combining breathtaking camera work and St. Patrick's ardent confessions to evoke his life and times, this poetic portrait of Ireland's patron saint recreates what little is known of St. Patrick... the essence of the film is found in the moody black and white footage used for a dramatic reenactment of key points in Patrick's life. An entrancing bit of filmmaking."- Video Librarian
"This lovely program, shot on location in Ireland and containing reenactments of St. Patrick's life, delves into the myth and legend of Ireland's patron saint.. evocative background music.. an artfully produced title."- Booklist

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