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SPF1000 - Witchunt [CD]  

SPF1000 - Witchunt [CD]

Amazing musical performance that combines everything from gothic, EBM/ and industrial sounds, and not to mention incredible gothic vocals. "Nocturnal Emissions," makes a powerful statement of these sounds. This is a hit song that should have had main stream appeal after you hear it once. The song has a great mix of dark electronics and grinding guitars. It is very danceable, and will be a song you will want to hear over and over. Another noteworthy track would be "Perfect Victim", which has a beautiful airy gothic melody placed near the beginning of the song, and later has many anthem like elements within the vocals. The vocals are very clearly sung, and have a strong tone. The song has shifting cords that gives this song such range. Haunted House, has beautiful electronic violins in the beginning, with long synth sound. The first lyric you hear is, Dead Dead Dead, Kill, Kill, Kill, with an evil laugh sample. Within the dark guitar parts, you will hear gothic bells, and the sinister synths, which paints a perfect gothic picture. The vocals will remind you of Marilyn Manson meets Orgy, and the music is a cross between Manson and a darker Ministry. Besides the songs mentioned, The Wicked has a melodic chorus that is very haunting and we would also recommend Horror Show, Death for the Dead and Agenda". These are all tracks that totally rock up and to turn the volume way up!

Track Listing
1Into the Darkness
2Horror Show
4Death for the Dead
5Haunted House
7Witch Hunt
8Perfect Victim
9Pass Out
10Nocturnal Emissions
12The Wicked
13The Accused

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