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Special Kids Volume 4 - Spelling [DVD]  

Special Kids Volume 4 - Spelling [DVD]

The Special Kids Learning Series is designed to teach and promote quality, effective, integrated learning for children with autism spectrum disorder, pervasive developmental disorder, Down syndrome, mental retardation, cerebral palsy, Apserger syndrome, dyslexia and other developmental and learning disabilities. It has been proven that video is one of the most effective ways to reach and teach this audience. Each program focuses on teaching early academics, self-help, hygiene and socialization skills to help visually receptive learners acquire speech, reading, writing, fine motor, computer, play, human interaction and other important skills.

This series employs the following teaching methods:
Multi-Associative Learning: Special Kids combines video of an object, action or person through real-time video or photography, with the audio association of its identification through the spoken word.
Modeling: The simple video modeling of actions, events and proper behaviors. Generalization: The grouping of objects, actions or events in their proper category or sequence.
Repetition: Repetitive presentation of materials, in a variety of approaches, to reiterate, yet entertain.
The Human Element: Very importantly, Special Kids features the human element via host John Sprecher, father of a boy with autism that Newsweek calls essential to learning.

Volume 4 - Spelling
Words are our great friends and helpers - because when we use words, we communicate! Join John and learn how to spell an alphabet-full of wonderful words. You'll read and write and say words, create sentences from words and discover how sentences make a story!
Communications, Early Academics, Play & Motor Skills plus speech, labeling, writing, reading, generalization and association to objects.

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