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Sex, Death & Eyeliner  The Soundtrack [CD]  

Sex, Death & Eyeliner The Soundtrack [CD]

Sex, Death, & Eyeliner: The Gothumentary" Documents the Goth scene as it was in 1997, released in 1999 it tries to shed a little light on the Gothic subculture, on the people who choose to be a part of it, why & how they first became involved in the scene, what about it brings them joy, it's fashions, clothing, jewellery, makeup, music, art, films, consumerism, & even sex.

The long awaited soundtrack to documentary of the Gothic subculture, Sex, Death and Eyeliner and features 12 great tracks as well as life video footage of Godhead performing "Gimp" at the Endless Night Festival in New Orleans.

Track Listing
1. Nomad - Xorcist
2. No Human Words - St. Eve
3. Gimp - Godhead
4. Open Up - Mindless Faith
5. Hanged Man - The Razor Skyline
6. Piety - I Parasite
7. Thief of Always - Soil and Eclipse
8. Miserere Mei - The Machine in the Garden
9. Spiritual Angles - Xorcist
10. 23rd Curse - Kommunity FK
11. Blinded - The Winter Chapter
12. Entropy - Noxious Emotion

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