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Lauren Wood - Love, Death and Customer Service [CD]  

Lauren Wood - Love, Death and Customer Service [CD]

A celebrated singer/songwriter whose soothing voice has entranced millions of listeners, or a zany goddess whose Hollywood Hills realm is a riot of ersatz zebra skin, lava lamps, troll dolls, and tiki treasures? With her newest release, Love, Death and Customer Service, both sides of Lauren Woods Gemini soul are given their fair dueand compassionate songcraft is clearly the winner. Wood enjoys a career of extraordinary diversity, having recorded with artists like Frank Zappa and Michael McDonald, to writing songs for everyone from Cher to Sammy Hagar to Gladys Knight.

3.Coras Theme
4.You Gotta Love Those Guys
5.I Dont Believe in Love
6.Time of the Season
7.The Waiting Room
8.Youre Mine
9.Til Now
10.Cant Let Go
11.Come and Live With Me
12.Til You Let Your Heart Win
13.Walk Toward the Light

Lauren Wood is simply a huge talent. The immensely creative singer/songwriter who gave the world Fallen has done it again. Love, Death and Customer Service is filled with soul-satisfying songs with a unique blend of messages, all delivered with that trademark altoYoull get to the end and immediately want to have another go.
Dave Koz

Wood has an earthy, deep voice capable of soaking subtext into just about every syllable she utters. Her moving delivery demands the ear of triple-A, AC, and even mainstream rock enthusiasts. Billboard Magazine

Lauren Woods new album Love, Death and Customer Service is truly a testament to this artists great talent and rampant creativity. Acting as producer, songwriter, singer, keyboardist, and even drummer, she has created an album with incredible energy and substance. From the smooth jazz-funk feel of Steely Dan, to quirky pop tunes that bring to mind David Byrne or Ani DiFranco, to love songs with the depth and emotion of Kate Bush, she brings it all off with heartfelt sincerity coupled with a delightful sense of humor. - Wildman Steve Bronson, WQNR The Rock

Lauren has a special knack for mixing arresting lyrics with haunting melodies to capture special moments in time that relate not only to her but to everyone. The CD deserves to be played with the Eric Claptons and Shawn Colvins of the World - Westwood One Radio Network

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