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Ju-Jitsu The Art of Combat with Marc Bremart DVD [DVD]  

Ju-Jitsu The Art of Combat with Marc Bremart DVD [DVD]

This DVD presents defence techniques of Ju-Jitsu from Judo techniques, which are sometimes adapted and modified, to floor finishing techniques that come from effective methods of Sambo. In this DVD, you will also find a sample of new detailed techniques (that can be used during Judo, Fighting system and Sambo contests). This DVD will enable you to master these new techniques and use them during your contests.
Efficiency is the goal of every fighter, this DVD shows to the competitors how to overcome an opponent (with throws, anklelocks, submissions, etc.) and is accessible for all.
Marc Brmart has practiced martial arts for 35 years. 6th dan black belt, specialist in Ju-Jitsu, he discovered Sambo thanks to Herv Gheldman, 8th dan, and created more realistic and very surprising techniques from the various disciplines that he practices. At the age of 46, Marc Brmart won international titles in Sambo sport contest during the Elites-Masters after having stopped the competition for nearly 15 years. He owns a club in Velvey, Switzerland, at the edge of the Lake Geneva, where he teaches Ju-Jitsu, Sambo and Nunchaku.
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