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Inferno! [DVD]  

Inferno! [DVD]

Exclusive access means the camera team follow the fire fighters into the midst of major emergencies, resulting in a very real and
dramatic coverage at the heart of the crisis.
Producer/Narrator Greg Grainger follows the team from C Platoon Blacktown for several months through the most extreme fires, recruit training and risky rescues. The program starts at an oil refinery in Port Kembla, where a malfunction has triggered a raging inferno in a 14 million litre storage tank, filled with ethanol. Foam dumps from the giant Ericson Air Crane are unsuccessful, with the crew from Blacktown called in - along with 150 other fire fighters - to try to quell the blaze.
We also follow a new recruit to the platoon, former flight attendant Sandy Warner, as she goes through an intensive training course including high speed exercises in a 15-tonne fire truck, extinguishing a raging car fire and rescuing victims trapped
inside a burning building. Other dramas include a house burning out of control, wild bushfires and a semitrailer which has crashed into a suburban house. Inferno climaxes with a factory fire at Yennora where two workers have been reported missing. The fire is out of control and 8 units have been called to the site. The Blacktown platoon arrive at the heart of the attack in lightning speed, working for hours until the fire is extinguished.
Greg Grainger is an award-winning producer and presenter of topical travel documentaries and wildlife programs to remote and exotic locations. Greg's programmes are seen around the world, from Grainger's World screened daily on Europe's Travel Channel to Tour Deluxe on the USA Travel Channel, as well as Channel 7 Australia's The World Around Us. His wildlife specials appear regularly on the international networks Discovery Channel and National Geographic Channel.

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