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How Aikido Can Change the World [DVD]  

How Aikido Can Change the World [DVD]

Book Summary:
Aikido, as a martial art, embraces both the physical aspects of enhancement as well as the spiritual growth of the individual. Each practitioner discovers and journeys their own unique path - gaining a new perspective of the world around them and of themselves. "How Aikido Can Change the World" is a road map of that journey of discovery. This book discusses Aikido beyond the physical aspects. While Aikido is a physical martial way, its philosophies and peripherals carry over far into a practitioner's world if proper focus and realization are maintained. The author conveys his expedition of the art gained through personal experience, exploration and integration. "How Aikido Can Change the World" is definitely one that will be read multiple times, as each reading will provide further insight as the Aikido practitioner develops and grows.
* Michael Aloia
* Aloia Publishing USA (2009)
* 92 pages

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