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Filipino Olisi Balaraw. Espada y Daga  

Filipino Olisi Balaraw. Espada y Daga

Welcome to Volume No. 2 of Filipino Martial Arts with Guro Bob Dubljanin. Building upon the material covered in the first volume we wish to cover on this program the weapon category of Olisi Balaraw, which translates to Stick and Dagger also known as Espada y Daga, which means sword and dagger. This category is referred to as the backbone of Filipino Martial Arts. In this excellent work, Guro Dubljanin demonstrates the following sections: Dawat (to receive), Agaws (to disarm), Palisut-sut (Flow Drill), Kuntradas to Kunsis (counter to counter) and the Substitution principle, a trademark of the filipino martial arts that enables you to still use the same motions, while circumstances might be changing.

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