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FILIPINO ARNIS: A traditional martial art & a self defence method [DVD]


The Korredas Obra mano Arnis is a martial style born on the Cebu Island. Founded within the Filipino tradition of free fight, during which the only rules are the self control and the respect of the opponent, the Arnis is based on the Short Stick (one foot to one foot ten long), that you can use solo or double.

Initiated into it when he was 8 by the founder Master Andrs Gomban, Oliver Bersabal, the only International representative of this Filipino Traditional Combat School the Korredas Obra mano Arnis, gives you the opportunity to discover the richness of the practice through techniques applied on the 12 angles and basic attacks. He demonstrates applications in personal defense against a stick, a knife and with empty hands. You will discover a self defence method using everyday items (paper, torchlamp, cell phone), or the natural weapons of the human body to face the most common aggressions (knife, cutter, baseball bat) against one or several opponents. Applications for personal defence against a stick, a knife and empty hands.

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DVD 5 - Standard Format 4/3 - Color - Pal Stereo REGION 0
65 minutes

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