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Dungeons of The Deep: Shipwrecks & Artificial Reefs DVD [DVD]  

Dungeons of The Deep: Shipwrecks & Artificial Reefs DVD [DVD]

Bordered by three oceans (the Arctic, the Pacific and the Atlantic) and sharing the largest fresh water lakes in the world, Canada is indeed, a land of the sea. Renowned oceanographer, naturalist and one of the world's leading underwater film makers, John Stoneman, looks at the unique relationship Canada has with the sea and the wonders found hidden beneath its surface. Join "Canada's Cousteau" on a visually stunning adventure focusing on this dramatic and mysterious watery world. This fascinating documentary explores the beneficial, as well as harmful, effects of man's journeys over the seas.
Good John Stoneman leads an expedition to look at artificial reefs off the coast of Newfoundland. These artificial reefs are World War II shipwrecks and attract a wide variety of life to them. Stoneman wonders if these deep-water wrecks will work, as well as some of those that he has visited in the tropics, by helping to bring more fish into the area.
Bad Off the coast of Newfoundland, fishermen and whales often come into conflict with each other, as the whales often stumble into the many fishing nets that lay off shore. Trapped in these deadly prisons of the sea, many whales, including the endangered majestic humpback whale, will drown unless released. Stoneman seeks to find a way to warn off humpback whales from these fishing nets.
Ugly The Great Lakes are like massive inland seas and the storms that occur there can rival even their ocean counterparts. Over the last three centuries, thousands of ships and men have been taken by these unpredictable storms. Stoneman visits some of these long lost vessels, as they lay, dark and forbidding, in the depths of the lakes including one that has some special surprises in store for his team of divers.
90 minutes

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