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Dialogues is a fascinating search for meaning and morality in an increasingly complex and depersonalized world.
Explores topics such as mercy killing, genetic engineering and capital punishment. Shown on public television, it is moderated by Richard D. Heffner, host of the award winning program The Open Mind, now celebrating its 50th anniversary. Dialogues was executive produced by Alvin Perlmutter (Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth), winner of six Emmy Awards, five ACE awards and the Peabody Award, and was succeeded by the highly acclaimed book version, published by Schocken, entitled Conversations with Elie Wiesel.

Wiesel speak s with prophet ic authority, philosophical wisdom and a story teller's verve and vivacity These lively, engaging talk s offer candid glimpses into the life and work of a leading moral thinker. Publishers Weekly
The things that shine through most prominently are the wisdom, the compassion, and the profound humanism American Library Association

Disc 1
Am I My Brothers Keeper? - Personal choice and public goals
The Use and Misuse of Memory - Confronting the past and securing the future
Nationalism and World Peace - Maintaining identity and preserving peace
Disc 2
Taking Life: An Act of Mercy? - Murder in cold-blood vs. killing with compassion
Genetic Engineering - The ethics of scientific development
Political Correctness - Personal freedom and public morals

Disc 3
The Intellectual in our Lives - The effective use of knowledge
Religion and Politics - The roles and responsibilities of leaders
Capital Punishment - The morality of retribution
The Role of the State Direction or dictate: leadership vs. tyranny

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