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Civil War Life: Shot to Pieces [DVD]  

Civil War Life: Shot to Pieces [DVD]

This is a remarkable story about a soldier in the midst of battle whose determination is an inspiration to all. Excellent re-enactments and fighting await you in this 80-minute story about a man that defied many odds during the Civil War. Highly recommended. Library Journal

With fellow Harvard students, William F. Bartlett joins the Unions 20th Massachusetts regiment. In the opening sequence, Confederates deal the Harvard Regiment a blistering defeat at the Battle of Balls Bluff. Scouting the Federal picket line at Yorktown, Bartletts left knee and lower leg are shot to pieces by Confederate gunfire. In an especially accurate depiction, the surgeon amputates from the knee down. At home, gaining a wooden leg, Bartlett recuperates with Agnes Pomeroy, a Massachusetts businessmans daughter. Friendship blossoms into romance.

A Confederate ball shatters Bartletts wrist at Port Hudson while buckshot penetrates his foot, requiring surgery. His regiment musters out on September 1st, 1863. Despite Agnes imploring, Dont go, youve done enough! Bartlett rejoins the Army continuing to fight saying, It will be a bloody day. I believe I am prepared to die. At the Battle of the Crater, another Confederate victory, Bartlett is captured. He fights starvation and disease in prison to stay alive for the woman he loves.
Highlights of the film include battles and authentic Civil War medical and surgical procedures, all true to the facts of Bartletts life. This docudrama inspires young and old alike with its action-packed story of courage and devotion to duty, immersing the viewer in the smoke, gunfire and pathos of Americas Civil War.

The DVD version has been enhanced for widescreen

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