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Civil War Life: Left For Dead [DVD]

During the battle of Corinth, Jackson was struck in the face with a musket ball. Thought to be mortally wounded, the captain was left for dead. The invincible Jackson not only survived but led his company until the end of the war, despite the lingering effects of the bullet still lodged in his head. Jackson thrived both on and off the battlefield, later becoming a U.S. Congressman.

► Left for Dead Feature with Digitally Mastered Audio and Video
► The Making of Left for Dead 25-Minute Documentary with Behind-the-Scenes Footage, Outtakes, Deleted Scenes and Interviews with Writers Michael Kraus and David M. Neville.
► Storyboard Featurette with Commentary by Director and Storyboard Artist Mark Bussler
► Trailer for Shot to Pieces
► Trailer for Civil War Minutes Confederate

Michael Kraus is at it again in this wonderful new piece based on the true story of The Colonels Diary. This production covers the Civil War life of Oscar Jackson and his involvement with the 63rd Ohio. The struggles and battles Jackson experiences are told through strong riveting reenactments. The attention to detail and bloody scenes place the viewer right on the battlefield while the story is backed by narration and pictures. It is an interesting and very informative documentary which certainly captures the gore, panic and horrors associated with combat in the Civil War. Great camera angles and different approaches to filming are certainly a bonus for the viewer in this production. This DVD is a must have for anyone following the Civil War especially those interested in learning about the western campaigns. Three Cheers for Kraus and Company, Hoorah! Hoorah! Hoorah! Todd Newman

Running Time: 80 minutes

Our Price: £19.99