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China's Tibet - 2 DVD Set [DVD]  

China's Tibet - 2 DVD Set [DVD]

Today in the age of information with jet aircraft, highways and the network of computers, mysterious places are rare to be found. But, Tibet is an exception. Referred to as Shangri La, The Forbidden Land or The Roof of the World the mysterious Buddhist Kingdom remained long closed to foreigners, exerting a strong hold on the imagination of the world. For centuries, it has fascinated mankind. It was hardly accessible to the outside world and has been always a challenge to human beings. Tibet, a "forbidden land" not only by man but also by nature, attracted many explorers, scholars, pilgrims and adventure lovers, all in pursuit of the "Real Shangri-la". It is not only the geographical and natural that enchants but a long historical culture and religion that intrigues the world.
Tibetan history can be traced thousands of years back. However, the written history only dates back to the 7th century when Songtsan Gampo, the 33rd Tibetan king, sent his minister Sambhota to India to study Sanskrit who on his return invented the present Tibetan script based on Sanskrit.

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