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Champions of the Wild V2, 2 DVD Set [DVD]  

Champions of the Wild V2, 2 DVD Set [DVD]

Disc 1
Polar Bears
Photographer Dan Guravich captured these spectacular images of Polar Bears in over
50 trips to the Arctic.
Dr. Sue Mainka has worked in China since 1987 to help ensure the survival of the Panda.
The rain forest of British Columbia is one the last great habitats for the Grizzly and Wayne McCroy is a passionate protector of the habitat.

Disc 2
Chimpanzees of Uganda
Colin Chapman follows endangered chimps and monkeys in the forests of Uganda's Kibale National Park.
Costa Rican Monkeys
Dr. Linda Fedigan has spent two decades studying the monkeys at Costa Rica's Santa Rosa wildlife factory.
Dr. Birute Galdikas rescues orphaned apes in the jungle of Borneo.
Dr. Pascale Sicotte fights to save the Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda.

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