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Champions of the Wild V1, 2 DVD Set [DVD]  

Champions of the Wild V1, 2 DVD Set [DVD]

Disc 1
Wolves run free again in Canada's Banff National Park thanks to Dr. Paul Paquet.
Swift Foxes
Clio Smeeton re-introduces the Swift Fox to its prairie habitat.
Bengal Tigers
Anthony Marr works with Westerners and Indian villagers to save the Bengal Tiger.

Disc 2
Black and White Rhino
In Kenya, rancher Courtland Parfet protects rhinos and has probably saved the Black Rhino from extinction.
Naturalist Joyce Poole studies the lives of African Elephants in Kenya's Amboseli National Park.
Kenyan Wildlife Vet
Dr. Tom deMarr's patients are the wild animals that roam Kenya's Ol Jogi Sanctuary.
Nazinga Game Reserve
Clark Lundgren's plan to save the wildlife of Burkina Faso in West Africa resulted in the Nazinga Game Reserve.

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