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Cases in Controversy, The 14th Amendment & Civil Rights [DVD]  

Cases in Controversy, The 14th Amendment & Civil Rights [DVD]

Using the actual Supreme Court decisions, interviews with legal educators and professionals, and historical reenactments, Cases in Controversy examines the cases that shaped the 14th Amendment

Features & specs:
14 Cases of the 14th Amendment
Covers famous civil rights cases from 1873-1973
Brown v. Board of Ed
Plessy v. Ferguson
Roe v. Wade
Expert Interviews

Cases in Controversy includes in-depth analysis and insight from a variety of legal and history experts. Cases in Controversy provides students with a solid foundation and understanding of the legal challenges and hurdles facing the United States after the Civil War.

We've included full-text opinions of every Supreme Court case as well as Justice biogaphies.

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