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Captain Beefhart - Some YoYo Stuff [DVD]  

Captain Beefhart - Some YoYo Stuff [DVD]

After quitting the music industry in 1982, Captain Beefheart reverted back to his original moniker, Don Van Vliet, and quietly established himself as a contemporary painter. Withdrawing from the public domain and preferring to let his artwork do the talking, little was heard from the reclusive genius until Anton Corbjin shot the 13 minute short film SOME YO YO STUFF in 1993. Presented here, Corbjin's film draws on the thoughts and feeling of Don himself, alongside two questions posed by director David Lynch. Sue Vliet -- Don's mother -- is featured, as are Corbjin's feelings on why he made the film in the first place. Beefheart's army of fans have stayed loyal to the enigmatic figure over the years, and this documentary provides some crucial, albeit fleeting, insights on the extremely influential artist and musician.

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