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Bolshoi Ballet: Les Sylphides [DVD]  

Bolshoi Ballet: Les Sylphides [DVD]

Russian Choreographer Michael Fokine took the timeless music of Frederic Chopin and created Les Sylphides (originally named Chopiniana), which celebrates the lyrical and poetic qualities of Romantic Ballet Blanc to express the sublime nature of dance.

Starring ballerinas Natalia Bessmertnova, Alexandre Beogatyriov, Galina Kozlova and Irina Kholina, choreographed by Michael Fokine, and orchestrated by Alexander Glazounov, this film not only immortalized the Bolshoi Ballet, but also entrances ballet novices and aficionados alike, and captures the timeless and enduring charm of Cinderella for young and old.
Les Sylphides was a new Balletic concept for the 20th Century, revolutionary in that it was unrestricted by the narrative of a story, but rather inspired solely by the beautiful music of a master composer such as Chopin.

This beautifully filmed DVD version of Les Sylphides is performed by Moscows world renowned Bolshoi Ballet Company, and stands as a testament to their continued commitment to the dramatic and elegant dancing for which they have always been celebrated.

Chopin Biography
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