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Beginner's Pilates for Men & Women [DVD]  

Beginner's Pilates for Men & Women [DVD]

The Pilates Method stresses the importance of each individuals awareness of their body as it relates to the individual muscle group being targeted in a specific exercise.
It is not about lifting heavy weights or working muscle tissue to failure but rather about stretching and feeling the muscles get healthy by working against minimal resistance. By concentrating on form, breathing, and controlled movement, the body is trained to work as a unit with the mind to achieve a healthy presence.

Our Pilates Basics class is geared toward the beginner focusing on a beneficial fundamental routine as well as breathing techniques and focusing on proper body alignment.

The Workout
Individual Set for the Beginner
Individual Set for the Intermediate Student

With regular Pilates exercising you will enjoy its benefits which include:
Better flexibility, strength and balance
Toning and trimming of muscle tissue
Injury prevention and rehabilitation
Relief from back and neck pain
Improved posture
Enhanced sports performance

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