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Becoming Barack, Evolution of a Leader [DVD]  

Becoming Barack, Evolution of a Leader [DVD]

Born to a Kenyan father and an American mother, Barack Obama has a multiracial heritage. He made history when he was elected as the 44th President of the United States of America, as he is the first African American to hold this post. Barack Obama has worked for the last twenty years as a community organizer, a civil rights attorney, a constitutional law professor, a State Senator and then U.S. Senator before his historic election to the highest office in the land.

As part of her standard speech while running for VP of the Republican Party, Sarah Palin kept asking, "Just what does a community organizer do?" This documentary answers that question perfectly as it tracks this relatively unknown period of Barack Obama's life through the words, deeds, pictures and filmed sequences of not only all of the people that he worked with and supported, but also through his own words from a never-been-seen-before interview with Obama at that time. When he decided to move to South Chicago to establish a base for learning how to work with and help others, many of the citizenry living there were initially very skeptical of this young 'Ivy Leaguer' entering their neighborhoods and lives with ambitions of creating 'change.' He did this through coalescing all of the various religious, ethnic and political factions into one voice with specific goals and agendas. His ability to listen to, digest and process all of their points-of-view, develop game plans to solve those problems and simply and effectively communicate what had to be done to achieve success became instrumental in quickly winning over those many 'non-believers.' His consensus-building approach, collaborative skills and hard work always allowed him to deliver on his promises. You witness his ability to introduce order, provide structure and develop all of his other organizational skills that allowed him to consistently gain more attention, respect and credibility in an ever-widening political mainstream. You see a creative, conversant, convincing and compelling young man evolving into a political force while never waivering from the goals he sets for his constituency or compromising on the principals established to achieve those community goals (as most politicians conveniently do to enhance their own personal goals). This is an impressive and informative retelling of how a young man with intelligence, principals, drive and 'a plan' can become a new force in the political arena by truly becoming an integral part of the people that he represents.
Running Time: 52 minutes

Our Price: £15.99