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BBQ Basics - Ribs, Wings & Legs [DVD]  

BBQ Basics - Ribs, Wings & Legs [DVD]

The irresistible smoky scent of barbecuing food drifting on a warm summer breeze is enough to make the most BBQ-resistant of cooks indulge in the thrill of the grill so now you have purchased your BBQ, fuel supplies and made the garden comfortable for your guests as once smitten by the barbecue bug, many find barbecuing the most enjoyable form of cooking, with its flexibility to be creative with simple ingredients, and its relaxed, outdoor approach.

So why not spend a little more time on the barbecue food - No more black sausages, out of control flames and flare ups and embarrassingly waiting for the charcoal to reach cooking temperature.

This DVD demonstrates how to prepare and cook trouble free the basic ingredients for a traditional Redneck BBQ Ribs, Wings & Legs, the beer dont need cookin just chillin

No more boring hot dogs & burgers - enjoy a mouthwatering gastronomic BBQ Banquet!

Our Price: £12.99