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Battle Ground - The Battle of Britain [DVD]  

Battle Ground - The Battle of Britain [DVD]

Prime Minister Winston Churchill addressed Parliament and declared "I expect that the Battle of Britain is about to begin," and begin it did, with the Luftwaffe launching the most deadly and sustained aerial bombardment in the history or warfare. The British people and their Royal Air Force responded with valor and glory, bending, but not breaking. Churchill called it "their finest hour." This 2 DVD set brings you the amazing story of the Battle of Britain, as well as background on the RAF and their subsequent role in the air war over Germany.

Disc 1
Battle Of Britain - Two pilots, one German and one British, recall their missions during these critical battles in the skies over Britain. The RAF valiantly confronts the Luftwaffe, but as the Nazi raids continue, it seems like only a matter of time before the Royal Air Force will start to crumble.
The Battle Of London - This patriotic British film looks at the impact of the Battle of Britain in the citizens of London. As the blitz continues day after day, the people bravely carry on with their important jobs, fighting fires and defending their great city.
English Wings Over Water - A brief history of British naval aviation, starting with the first seaplanes used as the eyes of the fleet and continuing on the mighty Aircraft Carriers of WWII. The famous carrier Arc Royal is highlighted, as some of her legendary battles are retold with rare and exciting footage as brave pilots and their sturdy planes fly into battle against Nazi warships.

Disc 2
Target For Tonight - This film takes you through a typical RAF bombing mission into Germany. Everything from recon photos and mission planning to dropping the bombs and debriefing as shown in detail. See how the pilots and crews live and survive the stressful and dangerous nighttime only to get up the next day and do it all again.
The Air Plan - Watch as the RAF plan and execute D-Day missions in support of the landings on the shores of Hitler's Fortress Europe. Operations include pre-invasion strikes against transportation and coastal radar and gun emplacements, support of the landings during the invasion and missions against troop and mechanized build up after D-Day.
RAF In Action - This film takes a brief look at the history of the RAF and then continues to examine the famous British aircraft and brave pilots of WWII. Witness the RAF in action through exciting gun camera footage during the Battle of Britain and beyond.

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