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Babywatch: The Ultimate Guide to Having a Baby For Men DVD [DVD]  

Babywatch: The Ultimate Guide to Having a Baby For Men DVD [DVD]

New Dads! You'd Better Be Ready!!

Columbus International Film & Video Festival Award Winner.
Houston Worldfest International Film Festival Silver Award Winner.

Have fun with expecting parents John and Jane and learn from the experts in child birth and pregnancy. Perinatal Specialist Dr. David Miller and Coach Mahoney present an easy to understand program that teaches you what to know and when to know it when you're expecting a baby. From cravings and mood swings, morning sickness and Lamaze, to ultrasound and breathing techniques, this program reveals what to expect during pregnancy from a man's perspective. We've even segmented into Trimester sections for quick reference.

Shows all new Dads: Vital DO's & DONT's:
* Expert Medical Advise
* Pregnancy game plan
* Helpful tips & information
* Humorous Role Play Scenarious
* Commonsense rules

BONUS PROGRAM with John Gray "New Beginnings: How to Enjoy Your Pregnancy" Features commentary and Advice from John Gray, Ph.D. author of Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus, Elizabeth Bing Founder of the American Lamaze Method, and childbirth specialist Andrea Frank Henkart author of Trust Your Body: Trust Your Baby! Discovering you're pregnant is an amazing and joyful revelation, but it can also cause anxiety. New Beginnings: How to Enjoy Your Pregnancy helps prepare both partners for the emotional and physical demands that await. This program is about understanding our fears and making room in our busy lives for the fun and pleasure of being pregnant.

Running Time: 55 minutes

Our Price: £16.99