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Art & Crafts on a Shoestrin g [DVD]  

Art & Crafts on a Shoestrin g [DVD]

Art on a Shoestring: Learn the secrets to creating beautiful pieces of art using everyday materials from around the house as Cherie Lynn shows you how to turn common items like buttons, string, and cardboard into precious works of art.

Create your own brand of wrapping paper, mosaic stepping stones for your garden, African rain sticks, paper mache sculptures, clay vases and lots more!

Art on a Shoestring will teach you how to make all of these projects:
Paper Mache Vase
Edible Creatures
Matisse Paper Cut-outs
African Rainstick
Bottlecap Shaker
Mosaic Stepping Stone
Tissue Box Holder
Stuffed Fish
Wood block Design
Custom Wrapping Paper

Just like all of the DVDs in the Cherie Lynn Art Series, Art on a Shoestring contains printable instructions and supplies lists. Simply insert the DVD into your computer to print them out. You can also view these lists on the DVD. Cherie Lynn, your experienced host, provides you with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instruction. This is accompanied by helpful graphical explanations and tips as well as safety reminders for your little ones.

TRT: 186 minutes

Our Price: £16.99