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Armored Force-  The Tank [DVD]  

Armored Force- The Tank [DVD]

Modern tanks saw limited action during WWI, but at the onset of WWII, armored warfare doctrine was redefined by the German Blitzkrieg, demonstrating the devastatingly effective use of tanks in combat. Armored vehicles and doctrine evolved during the war and much of the Allies' success in WWII can be traced to their development of superior armor and armored tactics. The United States Army, in its quest to be the best, created an ideal balance between mobility, protection and firepower that has made America's armored forces the fastest, best equipped and most lethal in the world. In this documentary, we explore the history an devolution of this extraordinary war machine, including bonus interviews with WWII tank soldiers in Europe and the Pacific and a special biography of General George S. Patton.

Disc 1
Battle Tanks
Building A Tank
War On Wheels
George S. Patton

Disc 2
Tigers On The Loose
Armored Force
40 Years Of Armor
11th Armored Cavalry
M1A2 Abrams

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