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Apollo 13 - The Real Mission [CD]  

Apollo 13 - The Real Mission [CD]

SpeechWorks announces a CD release containing the actual voices and sounds from the Apollo 13 spacecraft, with Astronauts James Lovell, Jack Swigert and Fred Haise. Includes the interaction during the near disaster that took place in outer space in April of 1970.

Includes countdown and launch, audio from TV transmission, trouble sequence beginning - with "Houston, We have a problem...., air-to-ground and mission control commentary on alternate missions, re-entry and splashdown and much more.

1.Saturn-V Launch (in clear)
2.Countdown (from T-1:00) & launch
3.Second Stage (early cut-off sequence)
4.TLI (Trans-Lunar-Injection) Burn
5.Docking with LM (Landing Module)
6.Extracting the LM
7.Ground go-ahead to maneuver
8.Lovell and Haise enter LM
9.Lovell demonstrates entertainment
10.We have a problem
11.Mission Control commentary
12.Astronauts prior to firing the LM
13.1st burn of the LM
14.2nd burn of the LM
15.Jettison of Service Module
16.Command Module power up
17.LM is jettisoned
18.Re-entry and splashdown
Running Time: 41.21 minutes

Our Price: £17.99