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Antique Secrets with Paul Martin DVD [DVD]  

Antique Secrets with Paul Martin DVD [DVD]

One of television's most popular presenters and antique experts, Paul Martin, Presenter of Flog It and The Manor Reborn shares the secrets that'll help you on the road to becoming an antique furniture expert too!
Find out what inspires him to collect antique furniture and what he buys as Paul takes you on a tour of his home, showing you the antiques he buys for himself!
Learn about style and form, what to look for and what to buy as Paul's tips will help you spot the winners and avoid the duffers when buying antiques!
Paul Martin takes you on a journey through the exciting World of Antiques; visiting National Trust and privately owned Stately Homes, Antique Shops and Show Rooms as he travels around Britain, accessing some of our great furniture collections. Paul shares dozens of tips and pointers about buying, collecting and restoring antiques, all mixed in with his inimitable style and passion for antiquities. He'll show you what to look for and what to buy, with restoration tips on how to look after antiques too! If you're a fan of Paul's TV shows, you'll throughly enjoy accompanying him on a journey through the glamorous world of antiques!
If you love Antiques, this is the DVD for you!
Made possible with the kind assistance and help of The National Trust. The Duke of Northumberland and Lady Caroline Percy, Sir Edward Dashwood and the City of London Corporation, Folk Art and Country Furniture expert and author Robert Young. Kensington Antiques Dealer and Classical Furniture Expert Patrick Sandberg, Wiltshire Upholsterers Timothy Sumbler & Bernie Bishop, Portabello Road Antique Dealers Association, the staff of Syon House, West Wycombe House and Stourhead House, The Blanchard Collective, Philip Adler Antiques and Turpin Antiques of Hungerford.
TPL 66 minutes

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