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Anthony and Cleopatra [DVD]  

Anthony and Cleopatra [DVD]

Enjoy a front row seat in the comfort of your own home of an original stage performance of a Shakepeare classic starring an international cast including:
Timothy Dalton as Anthony
Lynn Redgrave as Cleopatra
Michelle Nicolls as Chairman
John Carradine as the Soothsayer

Mark Anthony, Octavius Caesar & M. Aemilus Lepidus are the principals of the triumvirate that rule the Roman World. Their equilibrium and the united strength of their power-sharing is undermined however as Mark Anthony neglects his duties as a Roman Ruler to fulfil his love for Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt.In a quest for sole power with Cleopatra as the prize, Caesar wages battle against Mark Anthony, and so one of Shakespeare's greatest tragedies concludes. Upon hearing a false report of Cleopatra's death Anthony falls on his sword. Cleopatra chooses to die from the bite of an asp rather than befall the fate of returning to Rome as Caesar's prize.Treated in the traditional fashion by Director Lawrence Carra, this lavish production retains all the quality and integrity of the Bard's original work whilst using modern English narrative.

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