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Ann Smith, Inhale - Exhale, Stretch & Move [DVD]  

Ann Smith, Inhale - Exhale, Stretch & Move [DVD]

Slow motion, therapeutic, weight bearing, aerobic, isometric exercise for arthritis, depression, fibromyalgia, lung disease, and many others -all in 10 minutes a day.

A complete exercise system to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In just 10 minutes per day, Ann demonstrates how her breakthrough slow motion exercise system can get anyone moving. Using her series of easy-to-do therapeutic, isometric movements its
possible for even the most sedentary individuals to achieve greater mobility. As Ann says, Exercise in slow motion gives you power over your body.

The classical dancers body is the epitome of graceful flexibility. Classical dance
warm-up exercises inspired my Stretch Exercise - slow, continuous stretching that flows
from the inside to create a healthy, well-proportioned body with smooth, taut muscles. My stretch exercise is painless, easy, energising, and works for any age or body
type. It challenges the body without stressing - important for people who want to maintain flexible strength as they age.
Exercise is a natural body instinct. When youre hungry, you eat, when youre tired, you
sleep; after periods of inactivity your body wants to move. Children and animals react
naturally, but with the complexities of todays society the exercise instinct is easily
repressed. My goal is to help people reclaim that instinct.

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