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Animal Encyclopedia DVD Volume 10: Magic of Nature [DVD]  

Animal Encyclopedia DVD Volume 10: Magic of Nature [DVD]

This exciting, educational series explores the wonders and magic of nature; and the wild, untamed environment of the different animal species that make up our world. From large carnivores in the great forests to the smallest denizens of the underwater deep, our planet is full of a unique diversity of wildlife.

Featuring footage from the BBC Motion Library, this stunning series brings to life the endless variety of creatures that share our world; how they survive and thrive in their own elements; and how they interact with other creatures. A true learning experience for all ages.

Volume 10 Features: sea-life camouflage and concealment, fish movement and shoals, symbiotic relationships, fish feeding, hunting techniques of predators, survival techniques of prey, deep sea aquariums, fish diversity, vertebrates and invertebrates, fresh water lake-life, fish alliances, open water aquariums and dolphinariums.

TPL 51 minutes

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