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Animal & Plant Cells Biology, The Science of Life Series [DVD]

Biology, The Science of Life Series
Hands-on examples make learning Biology fun
Teaches core subjects in H.S. Biology with key science objectives
Music-based lessons grab student attention and improve retention
The music based learning increases retention and improves memory. Learn the core topics in biology aligned with key science objectives while singing rap and Hip- Hop like the famous Bones Rap. The 26 volume series covers the high school curriculum from lab safety, cell structure, DNA and genetics all the way through human biology.

Student Benefits:
Teaches using Gardners Multiple Intelligences Theory
Provides lab experiment and the homework exercises for each lesson.
Helps students with learning challenges, improving scores for all learning levels.

Volume 8 Animal & Plant Cells
Objectives:Students compare cells from different parts of plants and animals including roots, stems, leaves, epithelia, muscles and bones to show specialization of structure and function.
Subjects Covered Include: Comparison of Animal & Plant Cells, Epithelia & Stem Cells, Leaf Structure, Skeletal Muscle Structure, Striated Muscle Structure, Bone & Cartilage

About Series Host & Co-Creator, "Professor Paul" O. Briones
"Professor Paul" O. Briones has a Masters Degree in Life Sciences, B.S. Biology, Minor Chemistry with over 30 years of teaching experience. "Professor Paul" is an award-winning songwriter, musician and artist.

About Series Co-Creator, Dr Arnulfo T. Carrasco M.D.
Dr Carrasco is the entrepreneur creator of Virtual Science University and an award-winning science media producer. As a world renowned MD in daily practice, Dr Carrasco has a passion for teaching science education.

Grade Level: 6 - 12

Curriculum Content Areas: Science

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