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Andalusa: Legacy of the Moors [DVD]  

Andalusa: Legacy of the Moors [DVD]

This DVD looks at the legacy of the Moors, principally in the form of great buildings and peaceful Gardens.... but also stretching to achievements in science and medicine and at how the Muslims of Andalusia affected the music which today
characterizes southern Spain flamenco.
Starting in Seville, today one of Spains biggest cities and in Islamic times, the capital of the austere Almohades we begin to understand how the influence of the Moors stretched well beyond the end of Moorish occupation of the city as Christian kings relished the art and craftsmanship of their predecessors.
Ironically it took a great Moorish ruler to leave Catholic Spain with one of its finest religious buildings, the Great Mosque at Cordoba with its hypnotic rows of arches and columns.
The heritage of Islam in southern Europe reached its highest point in the great palace of the Alhambra with its soothing fountains, its famous Court of Lions and its breathtaking views over modern Granada. Here is the story of the far-sighted men and women whose vision gave us this wonderful monument and of the intrigues and murders which polluted its peaceful lawns and cloisters.

Running Time: 50 minutes

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