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American Inventors and Ingenuity [DVD]  

American Inventors and Ingenuity [DVD]

A remarkable compilation exploring the lives and works of three extraordinary men, Alexander Graham Bell, Henry Ford and Thomas Edison, all from different backgrounds; whose ingenuity and innovations ushered America and the world into the 20th century and in the process, creating a better world for all of humanity.
Alexander Graham Bell is widely considered one of the foremost developers of the telephone. In addition to Bell's work in telecommunications technology, he was responsible for important advances in aviation and hydrofoil technology.
Henry Ford's vision and drive created the backbone of the Industrial Revolution and the American automobile industry. He was a pioneer in automobile technology and the inventor of the mass-production assembly line, making automobiles affordable for everyone.
Thomas Edison's wonderful inventions were a driving force of the Industrial Revolution. From the stock ticker to the phonograph, from the light bulb to motion pictures; his inventions guided America into the 20th Century.

All of these men had a common trait, a dream and the genius and drive to make those dreams a reality.
Total playing time 60 minutes

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