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Ambient Space [DVD]  

Ambient Space [DVD]

Image Captions - Learn Your Space Science
While watching Ambient Space DVD, you may wonder to yourself, "What on earth is that?" While the answer may not be of this earth, it is easily discovered with our educational image captions. A simple click of the remote and the name pops right up. It's just as easy to turn the name off.

Loop Mode - Every DVD in the Ambient Series has the ability to loop any scene. This means there won't be any breaks in the action if you simply want your favorite scene to play over and over. Or you can simply put the entire Ambient Space DVD on repeat.

Multiple Music Options - You can pair any scene in the Ambient Space DVD with Classical, Ambient, or Acoustic Guitar music.

Custom Playlists for the Ultimate in Control - The playlist feature, a hallmark of the Ambient Series, allows you to organize the eight scenes in Ambient Space in any order that you wish. You can pair any of the music choices (Classical, Ambient, and Acoustic Guitar) with any scene. The playlists loop automatically.

Bonus Features
#1: Five Educational Videos - Learn more about space science with five short educational videos on outer space topics.
NASA/NACA: The Early Days, Mercury/Gemini/Apollo Programs, Science Fiction: X-Planes, Test Craft, & Concept Art, The Space Shuttle, The Hubble Space Telescope
See, the Ambient Space DVD, isn't all just good looks! You can learn something here, too.
#2: Amazing Outer Space Wallpapers - 242 desktop wallpapers for your PC or Apple. Each wallpaper is at 1280x1024 resolution.

Works on ANY Television
Each painting was sized for optimal viewing on any television. There are essentially two versions of the program on the DVD. One is designed for standard TVs and the other, widescreen TVs.

TPL 130 minutes

Our Price: £16.99