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Ambient Sleep: Sights and sounds to put you to sleep [DVD]  

Ambient Sleep: Sights and sounds to put you to sleep [DVD]

Ambient Sleeps amazing array of relaxing sights & sounds will knock you out for the count. Feel invigorated & rested every morning. Simply pick a scene and a sound & drift off to a place where you dont have a care in the world. You can loop individual scenes, create custom playlists, & set how long you want the DVD to run before shutting itself off. That way, you don't wake up in the middle of the night & find your scenes still running.

Choose from 19 "Sleepscapes" - Ambient Sleep contains 19 mesmerizing, hypnotic, and sleep-inducing scenes. Pair any scene with any of the 16 sound effects & music tracks for an infinite variety of sleepscapes. But we didn't stop with just an amazing variety of choices -- we've taken the DVD platform to the stratosphere. Now you can create your own playlists. Simply choose a scene, choose an audio track, pick how long you'd like to watch the scene, rinse, and repeat -- up to 6 times. This is the only DVD on the market that allows such control.

Immerse Yourself in Relaxing Sights & Sounds - We've created the most relaxing, the most hypnotic, the most sleep-friendly DVD ever produced. This is no VHS remake. We meticulously created fifteen different nature sound effects track to accompany the various scenes in the DVD. Of course, you can mix and match any scene with any audio track. So, if you really want to hear the sounds of rain while watching green, rolling fields on a bright, sunny day, you can do that.

Sights and Sounds List
Video Scenes (4:3 and Widescreen) - Ethereal Foliage, Autumn Radiance, Fields of Dreams, Champagne Dreams, Nebulosity, Feline at Work, Neo-Plasma, Final Frontier, Spectacle, 1...2...3...4..., Shimmer, Megacosm, Lava Luminance, Sets in the West, Sketches, Dancing Strings, Moon Odyssey, Mechanical Static, Pastoral Ponds
Sound Effects Tracks - Backwoods Cool, Beach Solitude, Nocturnal Tropics, White Noise, Forest Pageant, Dune Recluse, Easy Street, Light Rain, Heartland Balmy, Campsite, Country Witching Hour, Harbour Harmony, Spring Pond, Summer Cascade, Gentle Wind
Music Track - Winsome Melody

Works on ANY Television - sized for optimal viewing on any television. There are essentially two versions of the program on the DVD. One is designed for standard TVs and the other, widescreen TVs.

Our Price: £16.99