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Ambient Orchids [DVD]  

Ambient Orchids [DVD]

Works on ANY Television
Screen sized for optimal viewing on any television. There are essentially two versions of the program on the DVD. One is designed for standard TVs and the other, widescreen TVs.

Still Image Mode - At any point while watching one of the 6 scenes in Ambient Orchids, you can enter Still Image Mode. Simply press the "Enter" or "Set" button on your DVD remote control and a full screen, still image of that flower fills your television. At this point, you can do cool things like zooming in and out and turning the flower name on and off.

Interactive Zooming - At any point during Still Image Mode you can use the up and down arrow buttons on your remote to zoom in and out on a flower. The detail is absolutely stunning.

Learn Orchid Names - Curious about the name of a particular orchid? It's simple with Ambient Orchids. A simple click of the remote and the name pops right up. It's just as easy to turn the name off.

Fantastic Flowers Forever Filling your TV screen - Every DVD in the Ambient Series has the ability to loop any scene. This means there won't be any breaks in the action if you simply want your favourite scene to play over and over. Or you can simply put the entire DVD on repeat.

Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound and Music - You can pair any scene in Ambient Orchids with a 5.1 surround sound nature soundtrack or the music of classical piano composer, Frdric Chopin.

Custom Playlists for the Ultimate in Control - The playlist feature, a hallmark of the Ambient Series, allows you to organize the six scenes in Ambient Orchids in any order that you wish.

Bonus Features
High resolution images of over 240 different varieties of Orchids with narration where you can learn fascinating orchid facts.
Desktop Wallpapers - 390 desktop wallpapers for your PC or Apple, at 1600x1200 resolution.
Reference Documents - containing loads of interesting facts about Orchids

Our Price: £16.99