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Ambient Art: Impressionism [DVD]  

Ambient Art: Impressionism [DVD]

How This DVD Works
Mode #1: Slideshow Mode - Create a DVD slideshow of all 346 paintings or just one artist's paintings.
Advance or rewind slideshow using your remote control.
View optional details on each painting: title, date, medium used, and current location.
Set duration of each slide from 30 seconds to 5 minutes or manually advance slides

Mode #2: Movie Mode - Listen to commentary about the life and time of each artist.
View the paintings set to classical music.

Mode #3: Favourite Painting Mode - View a particular painting continuously by selecting it as your "Favourite Painting".

Works on ANY Television
Each painting was sized for optimal viewing on any television. There are essentially two versions of the program on the DVD. One is designed for standard TVs and the other, widescreen TVs.

LCD TV Art: The Ambient Art: Impressionism DVD is a great plasma or LCD TV screensaver. Of course, you don't have to own a fancy flat-screen, but it sure would look awfully nice. Choose a painting that looks especially nice in your home and let it run continuously in Favorite Painting Mode as art for your TV.

Bonus: 346 Desktop Wallpapers for your computer

Our Price: £16.99