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Amazing World of Animal Lovers [DVD]  

Amazing World of Animal Lovers [DVD]

From fat and fuzzy to bald and beautiful, every breed imaginable is probably featured.
This remarkable collection of programs features animal lovers 3 favourite pets - dogs, cats and horses.

We begin with the birth and watch as they take their first steps, first meals and first bath courtesy of their doting mother. Catching up with them a few weeks later we find the little darlings have grown into playful scamps; every leap, tumble and mischievous adventure is captured here for you to take home.
The entertainment continues as we see the just how far some people go in pampering their pet as well as discovering how pets are trained and groomed to appear in press and TV adverts, shows and movies.

Disc 1 Fabulous Foals
Chapters: 1. Introduction 2. Growing Up 3. Man And Horse 4. The Art Of Riding 5. Lipizzaner Legends

Disc 2 Precious Puppies
Chapters: 1. Introduction 2. Growing Up 3. Playful Toys 4. Agility Training 5. Sled Dogs 6. Star Puppies

Disc 3 Cutest Kittens
Chapters: 1. Introduction 2. New Kits On The Block 3. Playful Persians 4. Pampered Pussies 5. Superstars

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