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Amazing Hot Stepping with Nekea Brown [DVD]  

Amazing Hot Stepping with Nekea Brown [DVD]

Nekea Brown: Amazing Hot Stepping - A Step Interval Workout
The workout is divided into sections - warming up, working out, cooling down, and stretching.

* Warm-up - 8 minutes
* Workout - A sizzling mix of step combos intervalled with HOT step drills that will challenge the advanced exercisers - 50 minutes
* Cool-Down - 4 minutes
* Core - 9 minutes
* Stretch - 5 minutes

Nekea is nationally certified instructor in fitness with more than a decade of experience. She has a Master of Arts degree in Education and Human Development and uses her education and teaching skills in her daily job as well as her instructor work. She is the star of Mix It Up and Street Dance Workout DVDs.

Running Time: 73 minutes

Our Price: £12.99