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Alternative Medicine, 2 DVD Set [DVD]  

Alternative Medicine, 2 DVD Set [DVD]

Do you have recurring ailments that do not seem to improve with treatments provided by western medicine? Are you curious about the new holistic culture and making the change to an all-natural lifestyle?
Alternative Medicine is gaining popularity in the western world because of its success in healing not only physical symptoms but emotional issues as well. The use of these therapies is not merely a new trend. They have been used for centuries to treat people all around the world. Holistic practitioners uncover what is going on in your mind as well as your body and soul. This enables holistic healers to get a complete picture of your overall health. The program features 7 practitioners who have become successful in their respective forms of complementary and inclusionary medicine. They provide powerful insight on their experiences and methods of healing individuals who had nowhere else to turn for help. This is an introduction to methods that can immediately impact your life and jump-start you to a more natural and healthy way of life.

Featured Experts
Andrea Larsen - Licensed Nutritional Consultant
Suzy Herzfeld LMT CT - Licensed Colon Therapist
Ed Wilson Ph.D LMT - Certified Reflexologist
Karen Levy CHom - Classical Homeopath
Nelly Thomas LMT - Reiki and Enery Practitioner
George Cole AP - Acupuncture Physician
Patrick Wanis Ph.D - Clinical Hypnotherapist - Human Behavior Expert - Celebrity Life Coach

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