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Alphabet Circus Rock & Learn DVD [DVD]  

Alphabet Circus Rock & Learn DVD [DVD]

Join Alphabet Al on an action-packed ABC learning adventure! Children love the excitement of visiting the circus where they enjoy the musical game of finding words that start with each letter of the alphabet. These "alphabet learning songs" for each letter-along with animated circus excitement-create a highly-entertaining alphabet learning DVD.
Come one, come all to Alphabet Al's exciting alphabet circus! There's plenty of clowning around as children learn to recognize letters A to Z and practice naming words that begin with each letter. Attention-grabbing acrobats, elephants, dancing dogs, and other amazing circus performers keep preschoolers entertained and help build vocabulary.
Preschoolers Love Alphabet Circus
Catchy songs for each letter of the alphabet
Promotes letter recognition
Builds fundamental word/letter associations
Provides vocabulary enrichment
Perfect for planning preschool alphabet activities
Emphasizes phonological awareness
Recommended as an educational gift
for preschoolers
An important precursor to any learn to read program
Combines live action-actual children-with vibrant animated fun!

Alphabet Circus includes:
Welcome to The Circus Letter A (animals, acrobats, apples) Letter B (band, bright, bears, ball, balloon) Letter C (cotton candy, caramel, clowns, car, costume) Letter D (dancing dogs) Letter E (elephant, ear) Letter F (flags, fell, feet, Freddy the Fire Eater, friend) Letter G (gorilla, girl) Letter H (horses, hop, hot dog, human cannonball) Letter I (ice cream, ice, instruments) Letter J (juggle, jars, jam, jelly, jewels, junk, Jerry, jolly jump, jig, juggler) Letter K (kids, kind, king) Letter L (lion, lemonade, lights, lady, lion tamer, Lilly, leap) Letter M (magician, man, magic, magic wand, marble, mayonnaise, magnet, macaroni, monster, monkey) Letter N (net, nail, necklace, newspaper, Napoleon, neon, nurse) Letter O (orangutan, oboe) Letter P (please, peanuts, popcorn, parents, ponies, poodle) Letter Q (question mark, queen, quirky) Letter R (rumble, ring, ringmaster, robot, rhinoceros, rabbits, ride) Letter S (stroll, sideshow, sturdy, strong, steel, snake, sit, seats) Letter T (tent, tiger, trampoline, tiny Tina, tightrope, trapeze) Letter U (uncle, unicyclist, unicycle) Letter V (vase, veterinarian, vaccinations) Letter W (water, wig, wagon, watermelon) Letter X (xylophone, ending x words: box, fox, six, ox, ax, sax) Letter Y (yo-yo, yellow, yahoo, yellow yarn, yell) Letter Z (zebras, zigzags) Alphabet Circus Song

You know you have found a winner when the 1st thing your munchkin says when she wakes up in the morning is "Apple Circus!"My 2 year old munchkin LOVES Alphabet Circus, and for some reason calls it Apple Circus. The Alphabet Circus DVD is fantastic. The content is EXCELLENT. The circus ringmaster teaches the alphabet by sings through each letter, making the letter sounds and finding words of the circus that begin with the letter. The tune is catchy, and I promise you'll be singing the song all day it's one of those that easily gets stuck in your head! This DVD gets HUGE THUMBS UP for Smart Mamas. Tell Santa to put this under the tree, in my recommendation for little ones aged 2 - 5!-Caroline Murpy November 2008
Learning can be fun for you kids - especially if you sneak it in under the disguise of a circus movie. I was really impressed by how much my 3 year old actually retained from the Alphabet Circus from Rock 'N Learn. After only watching it once I caught him walking around saying "Ah, ah, ah, is for apple". The cute video using circus images and other objects to show kids what sounds letters make and they smartly make little rhymes and songs that will stick in their head & yours. My sonrequests this video frequently and I feel a little less guilty about letting him watch tv because he is truly learning.-Melissa Touchton

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