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Allied Fighter Planes of World War Two [DVD]  

Allied Fighter Planes of World War Two [DVD]

Marvel at historic airships, be wowed by war planes and delight at luxury jetliners.

P47 THUNDERBOLT - The Thunderbolt was the most famous of the Republic
Aircraft Company's planes built during WWII. First flown on 6 May 1941, the P-47 was designed as a large, high performance fighter/bomber. Bonus Play - Tribute to one of the worlds most greatest woman aviators and investigate the fast exciting competition of Pylon Racing.
MUSTANGS AND SPITFIRES - Two planes that standout in the history of flight shared a number of similarities. Both had a striking appearance. Both had a throaty roar from inline 12 cylinder motors. Both rightly or wrongly were credited for winning WWII.
Two of the most popular war birds from WWII are the Spitfire and the Mustang. Although both planes share similar styling, power plants and both were designated as
fighter-bombers, that is where the similarity ends as we compare the two super fighters of WWII.
P-38 LIGHTNING - We look at some of the planes that set in motion a very distinguished manufacturing and aircraft design giant. One of these masterpieces was the only American fighter to remain in production throughout the entire 2nd world war, this was the P-38 Lightning.
F4U CORSAIR - The very first and the very last, perhaps ultimate of the US Navies propeller driven fighter aircraft, the F4U Corsair were supplied by the one company. These planes for their time represented the pinnacle of their technologies. We look at the lineage and contempories of the plane that would win the Pacific War.

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