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Aligned and Well Volume 5  Easy Exercise for Diabetics DVD [DVD]  

Aligned and Well Volume 5 Easy Exercise for Diabetics DVD [DVD]

Often overlooked by medical experts, the WAY we use our body often creates disease.
Why do couch potatoes and competitive athletes suffer from the same chronic ailments, disease, and pain? Its because, like most of us, neither group is using their body in the way it was mechanically designed to be used!
Analyzing human movement (biomechanics) used to be for increasing athletic performance until biomechanical scientist Katy Bowman decided to apply those same principles to the every-day use of the human machine for the purpose of reducing common disease.
The Aligned and Well program offers a simple, natural solution by teaching new movement habits and pointing out any current habits that may be keeping you from getting well.

Easy Rxercise for Diabetics Exercise prescription needs to be specific when dealing with diabetes. Intense programs can cause rapid changes in blood sugar that can stress the adrenal glands and slow metabolism. Easy Rxercise for Diabetics is designed to increase basal metabolic rate (metabolism) and minimize stress and adrenaline production. It offers a protocol that includes a handful of gentle exercises to improve circulation in the feet, lower legs and mid-section, specifically to meet the needs of the diabetic population.

DVD includes:
Introduction to habits that viewer has that increases body damage/ailment.
Five prescribed movements (Rxercises) targeting muscles and joints involved in ailment.
Additional information on simple changes one can make in daily life for improved health specific to ones health situation.

PLUS Bonus Material
Human Physics Lecture (Human Body Owners Manual) with Katy Bowman
Printable exercise program for work or travel
Access to world-wide online Aligned and Well community
Consult with your doctor before beginning with this or any other exercise program.

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